Access Control Hardware for Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth, TX we have the latest access control hardware to secure your school, hospital bank or business. Choose from Ethernet-enabled, PoE-powered IP-based door controllers, access control door kits, input/output devices, wireless electronic door locks, access control card readers, proximity readers and fully-configured access control servers. Our access control hardware is simple-to-install and built to meet the requirements of continuous use for around-the-clock access control. We have a team of security experts can assist you with choosing the access control hardware that works best for your location and fits your budget. Call SC Technologies today at 877-917-9059!


Infinias Intelli-M Single Door Add Kit with HID Prox Reader

infinias Intelli-M Single Door Add Kit with HID Prox Reader, Door Strike and Sensors

infinias Access Control Demo Kit

infinias eIDC32 Intelli-M Ethernet-enabled Integrated Door Controller

infinias 128 Door Intelli-M Access Server

infinias 32 Door Intelli-M Access Server


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