Access Control Software for Fort Worth, TX

SC Technologies offers infinias Intelli-M Access management software-a browser-based, feature-rich access control management platform that simplifies configuration, administration and building access control management. Intelli-M Access software features a user-friendly interface and powerful rules engine that enables you to create custom rules to record events-defined by you. Intelli-M Access provides the features you need to easily manage single-door to enterprise-wide access control installations. infinias Intelli-M Access software supports an unlimited number of door licenses. Need help in Fort Worth, TX? Call today at 877-917-9059.


infinias Intelli-M Access Essentials Access Control Base Software Kit

infinias 32 Door Intelli-M Access Licensed Version Access Control Software Upgrade

infinias Intelli-M Access Corporate Access Control Software

infinias Access Control Demo Kit

infinias Intelli-M Access Professional Access Control Software


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