DayNight Board Camera with Cone Pinhole Lens


The truly impressive video quality makes these cameras a law enforcement favorite!

  • {imager size (in)} Sony Super HAD CCD chipsets
  • 380 lines of color resolution, 0.5 low lux
  • 1.27 square size
  • includes automatic electronic shutter, auto gain and auto backlight controls
  • Digital Day/Night Function

    The carefully crafted lens for the PC199UXPDN allows you to use a pinhole camera through thicker materials with the tiniest of openings. This digital day/night camera is ideal for installs through drywall, wood, and other thicker mounting surfaces. This video security camera features great low light performance and the Sony Super HAD CCD chipset for truly impressive video quality, ultimate video resolution, and field of view.

    We have the ideal solution for every camera installation need, from undercover police work to model airplane camera projects, we can make our technology work for you! Our 4.6mm ultra pinhole lens provides a 78 degree field of view. Comes with plug & play cables, 1 year warranty, and 30 day money-back guarantee.

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